Re: Asset directory not found ?

Plugin projects have no assets as they are designed to be loaded by other projects.
First create another project (Blank C# for example or C++. C++ can load c# plugins and vice-versa).

Then, when you are ready to test your plugin, copy the output binary from the Plugin/bin/win_x64 folder to you main project/bin/win_x64 folder. You will now have Game.dll and Plugin.dll in the main project binary folder.
Then in the main project Game.cryproject, add an entry to load the plugin at the end of the plugin list like so:

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"require": {
"engine": "engine-5.5",
"plugins": [
{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "CryDefaultEntities" },
{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "CrySensorSystem" },
{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "CryPerceptionSystem" },
{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "bin/win_x64/Game.dll" },
"type": "EPluginType::Native",
"path": "CryGamePlatform",
"platforms": [ "PS4" ]
{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "bin/win_x64/Plugin.dll" }
If you are using a C# plugin, use this line instead:

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{ "type": "EPluginType::Managed", "path": "bin/win_x64/Plugin.dll" }
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