GameSDK Save/Load system issues

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I recently picked up the cryengine after a good 6 years of unity and began making a vertical slice of an open world rpg game using the gameSDK as a starting point. I have figured out how to do most of the developing myself but there is this one problem I cant work out. When I open up the packaged version of my game and go to single-player and then my-level it opens up fine and chucks me into where my spawn point is. I can then move around and play my game as intended but when I save (as you need to do quite frequently in an rpg...) and exit to the main menu, it seems to forget about his save as the next time I open up the level it chucks me back to the initial spawn-point and even if I try to do the pause menu load function (or the console command) it will just throw me back to the spawn-point. I know the issue has nothing to do with the actual save files as they are created and stored in their own file (the gameSDK default) and must be something to do with the built in UI system not liking my level because I haven't set something up or my spawn-point not working as it should.

I am using cryengine 5.4 as that is the latest version gameSDK supports and I hevent touched the built in UI system yet.

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Re: GameSDK Save/Load system issues

Thanks for your suggestion but this caused more problems than solutions. I moved my level (and all its data, environment settings, etc) over to the gameSDK 5.5 and it has caused all my water sources to turn black whenever I assign a material (mainly the cave and forrest_b) to them. I have played around with the materials in the material editor to no avail. I presume it’s something to do with the real-time reflections as when I turn them off it works (but looks straight out of fallout 3) and I cannot accept that this is normal. If you have any suggestions on how to solve woher of my issues please let me know.

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