Dialogue System For Simple RPG

Hi there.

I am a student (who likes to develop games in whatever spare time I may have) and I am currently learning the Cryengine (coming from 5-6 years of unity development) and I am working on a vertical slice of a rpg not to dissimilar from Fallout 3 (mechanically wise, my graphics and art-style are obviously far superior due to the nature of the engine) and I have stumbled on a few issues to say the least. The main one being how to implement a simple multi-choice dialogue system (so something based off of a tree system where the conversation can flow down a logical path) like the system from fallout 4 just with 3-4 options to choose from. I am using the built in cryengine "human" entities and have setup the ai as to have some to be purely hostile, some which could become hostile if you say the wrong things to them and ones which are basically passive unless you are a threat to them. I am not really interested with implementing voice acting or facial animation just yet as all i want to do is to have a text based system like the one found in the Bethesda games (except 76 obviously...).

If anyone has any suggestions on how I could go about implementing this feature into my project that would be great! Thanks for your time!

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