How to add a second terrain in level...

This is probably a really novice question but how do I go about adding a second terrain into my existing Cryengine level? I have recently just picked up the cry engine after a good five to six years of using Unity and have made a fairly decent game demo using the gameSDK assets and I have completely used up an entire terrain. In unity, it was as easy as just clicking it from ma drop down menu on the menu bar and you could make as many as your computer could handle but this doesn't seem to be the case of Cryengine. If anyone knows how to accomplish this task please let me know as there doesn't seem to be any documentation or forum threads out there to help me find a solution to this issue.

Thanks for your time!

Re: How to add a second terrain in level...

What I mean is that when you create a level you are given a giant square (terrain) to work on, on which you can create height maps, vegetation etc. I have managed to “fill up” a large amount of this said “square” and I was wondering how I would go about making it bigger (but wouldn’t that just stretch what I’ve alreay made?) or how to add another “square” to effectively double the area I have to work with. I hope this clears things up a bit!

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