Need Guidance And Information

Hello fellow humans,

I just wanted to ask a few things as I am very confused at this point And it would help me greatly if you can point me to the right path.

I have been watching quite a lot of Cryengine Tutorials recently covering Introduction playlist, Flappy birds and some older community Tutorials.

Question 1:
Problem i have now is how these tutorials were meant to follow or succeed each other? like After doing Flappy birds Tutorial what should I do next?

Some Background:
I am a Programmer (Software Engineering Student)
and I know C++ at least up to the point I have studied in my University that includes even today.
I watched your C++ game mode (2 Part video) tutorials and the programmer in those videos is too fast , sure he creates the game mode from scratch but I didn't understand a single thing. I was so depressed after that it seemed like 2 years of high class university education meant nothing LoL.
Tutorial was bad even comments said it.

Question 2:
So, where A programmer should start learning Cryengine? Some older Tutorials have bad audio too but i don't mind much only bottom line is things should be explained and at right pace.

It would also be helpful if any of you can share your learning method and stories on how did you start learning programming in Cryengine. (I know C++,C#,Php,Java,SQL and it still looks impossible to learn Programming in cryengine I wanna know how others managed it).

I am a simple man I just want to learn stuff that would enable me to create simple FPS/TPS,inventory,RTS,AI prototypes (don't really care about models animations etc) so i can apply for a job when i am finished with my degree.

Programming is my goal I have even searched for books at amazon they are all outdated.

Re: Need Guidance And Information

I would suggest the programming tutorials as a next step if you have finished Flappy Boid.
Personally I learned CRYENGINE by trying to make things, stuff I didn't know how to use, I would look for somewhere in the engine it was already used and try to understand how to use it.

I would start to try and make something simple, and work your way up from there. Create toolset for yourself by learning piece by piece and then building something using what you have learned. Start with getting to know the plugins a little, draw a texture on the screen, spawn and move an entity or particle effect etc.
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