Exporting game as shareable .exe

Hi there,

I recently picked up Cryengine V and I have spent quite a while creating an open world level using the gameSDK (as it has sample trees, textures etc) because I want to get a feel of the engine before investing any time and custom models etc into a project. I have finished creating the level and I can export it to engine and it works perfectly when I run it from the cry engine launcher as if it was a normal .exe file. However, when I search my project folder I cannot find a .exe file which mean that I cannot share my creation (with friends, not commercially) or try to run them on another system. If anyone knows how to find this .exe file and how to package it so it can be shared that would be great or is there a more complicated procedure than just clicking export to engine and it being ready to go. I have just come from using the Unity engine (I got fed up with the HDRP issues) and this was the case, I could just click build and it would create an .exe for my game. If anyone has any suggestions (or pointers) that would be great!

Thanks for your time!

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