Re: Help with floor level \ camera height (VR)

I'm getting the same result. Please, CryEngine Gods grant me the solution! ;P
Engine 5.5.2
Device Oculus Rift 2 sensors 2 touch controllers
I've tried using the VR template after learning how to add VR support and had the same issue.
No games I play do this
I'm losing my mind trying to find the solution. The terrain and storyline took 2 weeks and from what I can see from the ground it looks amazing! lol PLEASE HELP!?
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Re: Help with floor level \ camera height (VR)

Do you have coordinate tracking? Maybe you should register a kind of "teleport" to the required coordinates, above? Or to block the coordinate of the plane, so as not to fall below? By the way, what about additional tools? When I worked with compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas, I was looking for a way to make life easier for myself, the algorithms are very complex and took a lot of time to process them. But I did it;)
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Re: Help with floor level \ camera height (VR)

If you are having issues with the VR Template it could be a bug we have not witnessed in our testing.
It would be great if you could submit this information with as much detail as possible over on the GitHub Issues board for us so we can track it internally;
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