Need gamedata.pak in GameSDK 5.2 release

Hi all..
I need a big help.Accidently I deleted the gamedata.pak file while extracting it :( :( .Now I can't recover it.If anyone has gamesdk 5.2 version please be kind enough to give it to me.It is very big help because I can't update the gamesdk due to my internet package is over.Please help me. :)
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: Need gamedata.pak in GameSDK 5.2 release

Just copy it over from where it was downloaded by the launcher. That is your backup. You always copy the gamesdk from there to the project folder :)

Unless you edited right from the source? I can upload when i get back from work, in 6 hours :p
Unfortunately I haven't any backups for it.Yes I edited from original gamesdk.I copied gamedara.pak of gamesdk 5.5 and game is working without errors.But when I export the level into game and opened the Game.exe it shows only an example level from gamezero folder and no menu for selecting levels.So I guess the problem is with that gamedata.pak. :(
I can wait for you.Please give me it when you free and thank you so so much.
Backing up sources is very essential.I learnt it. :cry:
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

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