Help! Bug With Scopes And Windows.

I am a newbie here and have some questions that can really help and put off a lot of pressure from my tiny head.

In my now Custom map I have placed several Brush Buildings (Fishing_house_a), Now as I was learning flowcharts and placing AI patrols during Playing in Editor I accidently Shot the Fishing House Window and the Editor after not responding for some time crashed. I tested this several times on different Maps. What I have found is on the Woodland Demo from GameSDK the Engine doesn't crash but on every Custom Level it crashes when A window is Hit by a bullet.
Why is That and How can I fix this?

Q2)I edited Database as I was following Instructions of a tutorial And from the DataBase I Added Scope to my Rifle Unlike in the Tutorial Mine Scope doesn't have the crosshair Inside.
Here is a Screenshot.

Q3) Destruction of props and Buildings Like In Crisis? I saw several Videos on pervious SDKs when included destructible props and buildings does Cryengine V has something like that in the GameSDK which we can use as a base to import more stuff?

Re: Help! Bug With Scopes And Windows.

For the first point, can you provide reproduction steps, how are you creating the windows and placing them in the level?
For the second point, the scopes are currently not working properly inside the GameSDK right now and is a known issue.
The third point, if you go into the GameSDK, and use the BreakableObject Legacy Entity, and use the Objects/Architecture/Fences/ objects, you can shoot these and will notice they break into pieces.
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