My first Level xx

Hi, I'm making a CryEngine Game, Third-Person Adventure-Horror Game xx

Here's My First 3D-Character xx ... 6.jpg?dl=0

Here's Concept Art, It's about People -- On fire xx

>> ... 5.jpg?dl=0 ... 6.jpg?dl=0 ... 4.png?dl=0 ... 7.jpg?dl=0


J. B. Bech xx

Re: My first Level xx

The Particles are Working, I need to Tweak the Fire, Though --

It's about Guilt, after a War, based on Lies - Against humanity xx

It' s about a Knight of, The Templar Order trying, To save His people, From Committing Collective Suicide after, An illegal War xx
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Re: My first Level xx

Better and, Better -- GJ, CryENGINE xx

( It's a Horror-Game, about a People dying, from Collective Guilt, So it's, Very INTENSE, And horrific ) xx
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