Build CryEngine on Linux

It would be really nice if there was an up-to-date and flawless manual for compiling the engine for Linux (also for arch-based distributions). So far, I have found no manual that works really and without errors.
If there should already be such a guide, it would also be nice to find it on GitHub, so you do not - like me - puzzle around forever.
Cry Engine is really a wonderful engine that can compete with others like Unreal and Unity (and in my opinion is better). Unfortunately, developers who do not want to buy extra Windows will not find it easy to work with it.

Thank you in advance!

(sorry for my bad english)

Re: Build CryEngine on Linux

So.. I can compile cryengine dedicated server on linux, however the latest builds are broken and CryAction module takes forever to load. Crytek always keeps saying that linux is not their priority, so forget about any updates, fixes or guides. At least for the next year I think. It doesn't seem to be changing at all. So change the engine if you are linux user
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Re: Build CryEngine on Linux

If I am not mistaken, a few months ago CryEngine developers in a interview stated that getting the engine working on Linux is something they would be working on. Not sure if thats development or playing their games on it. I can tell you right now Unreal is like crap for development from Linux. GoDot is about the only game engine besides Blender that works flawlessly.

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