Duplicate SDK Example Project under new name?

Coming in as a beginner to this version of the SDK and have no idea how to make my own stuff yet, which is why I need a good base. Have only used the old Sandbox successfully where all the entities already exist.


I tried making my own project with the C++ / FPS template and extracting the PAK files from the example project. The entities show up, but XML files do not appear in the editor.

In the Items legacy entity, I have HealthPack and AmmoCrate, but none of the weapons.

I also have no items or packs in the EquipmentPack editor - adding a new pack makes the copied ones load but the editor crashes immediately.

I have removed all .cryasset files and rebuilt them but no avail.

What am I doing wrong to make XML files not be read by the editor?

EDIT: I had a read of a similar topic, I'm guessing these weapons programming are tied to the SDK game code and that's why they don't show up in my project?

Where can I learn how to add a custom weapon to this project?

Re: Duplicate SDK Example Project under new name?

Hi, to answer your original question,

First: create a new folder where you want to put your project. Let's call it 'My Project' for this example, but you can call it whatever you want.
Second: Click 'import' at the top of the Cryengine launcher. Navigate to the GameSDK folder (If you don't know where that is, go to 'my assets', click on GameSDK, then 'Reveal In Explorer' to find it).
Third: Once you have imported the GameSDK as a project, click on it's gear icon, then 'Edit Project'.
Fourth: Click 'Backup'. Choose the 'My Project' folder you made in step one.
Fifth: Import again, only this time import your 'My Project' folder.
Sixth: This project will be imported, but it will also be called 'GameSDK' (So you will have two GameSDK projects. Yours should be the top one, but you can do a 'Reveal In Explorer' if you want to be sure). Click on the gear icon of your project --> 'Edit Project', then rename, and save.

That probably seems complected, but I think my answer was just very verbose. Really all your doing is backing up, and then launching that backup as it's own project. It'll be much easier when you do it yourself.

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