Water in Cryengine V


I'm currently working on a game in which water will play a major role, but I got really confused in the past week about the water shaders .
Of course I've read the documentation and I'm not in total darkness but I couldn't really find an in depth description of the following two things:
-The use of real-time reflections
-How to create a water material from scratch
The parameters of the water volumes are somewhat clear to me since it was described well enough in the documentation.
(I'm currently using cryengine 5.2) Thanks forwards for your answers.

Re: Water in Cryengine V

Are you using WaterVolumes?

The material of water is simply a shader. The parameters of the shader define the look and style of the water.
Simply create a new material and set the shader type to WaterVolume.

Not sure I understand what you mean by "The use of real-time reflections".
For this you need and environment texture map assigned to the Water material, then you can enable real-time reflections.
This environment texture map can be created using an environment probe.
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