Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.


yes it is possible to import the old legacy entities into the Third Person Template, but I want to mention that those entities are obsolete, which means it might not properly work in the new templates. To move the legacy entities over you have to copy the script folder and the entities.xml file into the asset folder of your project, also make sure that you keep the same folder structure as GameSDK otherwise it won't be able to load the entity scripts.

Your asset folder should look something like this in the end:
legacy_entities.jpg (33.07 KiB) Viewed 1956 times


Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.

Using Legacy entities from the GameSDK Sample project may produce inconsistent results. Many of these entities are tied quite strictly to the game code of the GameSDK Sample Project (The DLL itself).

It is advised to copy on the Legacy Entities that you want to use and see if they indeed work, if they don't, it is likely they are lacking functionality from the game-code side (DLL).

If you specify which Legacy entities you would like to include in your project, perhaps we can think of a solution that would not involve the legacy entities, or provide a workaround to use those legacy entities in your template project.
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Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.


thanks a lot for your answers! It partially worked! I didn't move the entities.xml the first time (............................)!
But in fact, my real issue is with the spawnpoint component. I didn't manage to make it work. So I wanted to use the legacy entity one. But after being imported, it doesn't work either. I can place the legacy entity spawnpoint, but nothing happen when I press start.
Other legacy entities like fog volume work.


Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks !!!!

Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.


no unfortunately the old legacy spawn point won't work anymore for the new projects. That's due to the reason that most of the legacy entities are bound to GameSDK and they only have been developed to work with GameSDK. As you mentioned some of the entities still work, especially ones which aren't connected to any specific gameplay logic.

But if you just want to place a spawn point for the player character you can use the new component for it. Go to the Create Object tab and click on Components and then just search for the Spawn Point Component. When you open the example level of the template there should also already be an entity with a Spawn Point Component in the level.
If you didn't use the components yet this might be interesting for you.


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