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Hmmm, I watched that video - its a bit fast and misses some things.
OK - I assume you have downloaded the GameSDK project files. (for the same version as you engine version)
I assume that you have created a Project Directory for all your projects - Lets say - C:\CryProjects\
Copy the GameSDK files into your project directory.
like so - c:\CryProjects\GameSDK\bin
Note the second GameSDK directory are the Assets Files - very confusing having two dirs with same name.
the gameSDK.project file also goes in that first directory c:\Cryprojects\GameSDK\gamesdk.cryproject

Now go into the launcher and click the button on the left side that says IMPORT.
select the Directory c:\Cryprojects\GameSDK - this reads the gameSDK.cryproject file and imports you info.

Now either go back to launcher and select the project that appears there and launch in Editor
or just double click the gameSDK.cryproject file and it will open the editor.
When the editor Opens select open Level and Select woodland.
Press Control+G to enter Game - usually you will be up in the sky - and will fall and die.
so press F2 to move to the spawn point and the ground.

if this does not work something must be wrong.
The above directories can be renamed. The first GameSDK directory can be anything you want.
The second GameSDK directory is usually called Assets.
You will then have to change the information inside the gameSDK.cryproject file to match your changes.
You can rename the gameSDK.cryproject file to anything.cryproject -
you can re-import the project any number of times and delete the project from the Launcher
The Launcher does not delete the files, just the project Information.

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