What are Legacy Entities and what succeeds them?

I have a simple entity written in Lua and it works fine however it's labeled as "Legacy". To me "Legacy" means deprecated, since I am just starting out I don't want to waste time learning something that could go away someday. What makes an entity Legacy? Is Lua as a whole Legacy or has the Lua script interface changed? What is the preferred way to create entities if not Lua? Tutorials, documentation or examples for the not-Legacy way would be great!


Re: What are Legacy Entities and what succeeds them?

nothing is wasted, everything is preparation for the next step
http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDO ... de+Changes
Default Entities Plugin

For the on-going move away from Lua-based entities, we now provide the CryDefaultEntities module. This contains a few C++ written entities using the new entity component system, meant to replace a few of the GameSDK specific implementations previously done in Lua.
It is important to be aware of the new entities, as they are not backwards compatible with older levels using the Lua entities. If you are still in need of the Lua based entity, then simply utilize the existing Lua script and it'll override the newer version.

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