Texture blurred/ruined problem

Hi all,

I have recently downloaded the new cryengine 5.5 preview 2 and I have just set up a terrain with a random material (from the official SDK).
I noticed that the texture seems to be very blurred or not detailed, please see screenshot attached:
I have already tried disinstalling and reinstalling the engine, it doesn't solve the problem. I have also tried with other materials, and i got the same problem.

Is there any console value i can change to fix this or at least reducing it a bit?

Thank you for your time.

Re: Texture blurred/ruined problem

Hi Cry-Flare, thank you for your answer.
Yes, what you said is true, i have substituited the terrain with one i was using before. Anyway, with cryengine 5.3/5.4 this texture issue was not happening (with same terrain size). Do you know if in this version crytek inserted anything new about textures?

Thank you for your time!

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