Level changes from editor aren't applied to game build.

Hello! I created Blank C++ project (CRYENGINE 5.4), then I opened 'example' level in editor and deleted all flowgraphs from all rotating spheres. After that, they don't rotate when I play level in editor. Then I saved this level and launched project as a game. Game started and spheres were rotating as after creation of the project. So, level changes were not applied. Also I tried to remove spheres at all, but after that they were visible on game launch too. If I open this level in editor, there are no spheres, but if I launch game, there are these 12 spheres. WTF, what I did wrong?
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Re: Level changes from editor aren't applied to game build.

Changes to the level editor do not actually affect the level until they are exported from the editor (and I'm not talking about saving the level file). I don't have the editor open in front of me, but I believe you have to click File -> Export to Engine (F7?) in the editor. That should make your level changes appear in your build.

As a tip, I recommend looking into Fury22uk's videos on making a C++ game from scratch. It is a bit slow and cumbersome, but simple little tricks like this are revealed after a watch. I think he goes over this particular thing in episode 4 of the RPG tutorial:

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