crysandbox_startup.register_menus() warning and 8 others!

I just installed Cryengine 5.5 and when I created my first project and started up my editor, I received 9 warnings. There are some "unsupported texture" and "texture does not exist" warnings but I'm also getting a "crysandbox_startup.register_menus()" warning along with some error relating to "".

I've attached an image of some of the warnings. I would appreciate any help I could get. I'm surprised I ran into so many problems when I only just installed the program.
CryEngine 5.5 Warnings.png
CryEngine 5.5 Warnings.png (75.56 KiB) Viewed 814 times

Re: crysandbox_startup.register_menus() warning and 8 others!

Many of these reported errors are from systems that are not in use right now (eg, could be part of legacy/deprecated code for the GameSDK project) and should not affect your game.
If you experience any issues please do let us know. :)
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