Re: Packaging a project for release

hello friends, i read road map ce 5.5, and i saw, a function has been added in there,
function is-
Device integration and deployment from Sandbox

"Edit-Build-Deploy" workflow

i don't know more about it. i want to more information about this function .
this upcoming function will be of which type ?
in UE4 and unity there are pre build function like this image(very easy)
packaging_menu.jpg (52.08 KiB) Viewed 9543 times
if crytek team wil provide us a one ckick pre bulid button system to creating game packaging ,this will good for all type of users

Re: Packaging a project for release

Using Crytek ProductVersion:

I use the script and got a black screen when executing the launcher. I did a very basic deploy test :
1- create a c++ (and also c#) rolling ball template project
2- run the launch game button, and worked in both cases ( c++ and c#)
3 - generate solution and compile in c++, in c# could not generate solution, but after some references repair, I could compile
4 - configure cryproject_file in and run, result "Everything Ok"
5- run \Rolling Ball Game Template\bin\win_x64\GameLauncher.exe got black screen, called console and execute "map example", and still black

Here is the log file, it has some errors and warnings.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


PS: Reading this post I got the deployment working !

I create a autoexec.cfg with "map example", copy cryplugin.csv but didn't change anything and add sys_dll_game= to game.cfg.

I also upgrade the version to

TIP to cryengine team : You have got to improve this task because its a simple process, it shouldn't be so complicated!!!

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