Re: Packaging a project for release

I see that in CryEngine 5.4, there is Package Build feature
So what's the difference between this Package Build and this project (Of course, soon I'll try this python code myself, now I'm still overwhelm with other features)
The package build feature in 5.4 is actually based on the script on Github, but it has quite some adjustments to make it work nicely with some of the engine features. The biggest difference is that the package build function uses the Resource Compiler of the engine to compile the assets into pak files. To do this it uses an rc-job xml file that describes what to do with which filetype. This means that if your project relies on files that are not specified in the rc-job, it's possible that they are not included in the package. Besides that the package build function doesn't support encrypted paks at the moment.

Re: Packaging a project for release

It is recommended to use the package build option for 5.4.
If you insist on using this script take note that it has a few issues at this time.

Using the package build script;
You will need to install python 3+.
Once python is installed you should be able to run any file directly that has a '.py' extension.

The current iteration of Patsy's package script should work by simply dragging and dropping your '.cryproject' file onto the the '' file.
This will create a folder on your desktop with the name of the project. (From the '.cryproject' file).

Once the script completes you will need to:
1. Copy your original '.cryproject' file to the new folder on your desktop.
2. Rename all '.zip' files from the new assets directory to '.pak'

YMMV - This was originally designed for 5.3 and updated during the preview releases of 5.4. It has not been updated for the current 5.4 official release as the package build option does essentially the same thing, but in a more 'proper' manner.

Again - It is not recommended to use this script for 5.4 and may even cause a few issues for larger projects on previous engine versions. It is more of a quick export method to speed up a quick development package deployment workflow. It is however, quite handy, for those previous versions of CRYENGINE.
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Re: Packaging a project for release

I tried build Release of blank project and can't initialize engine.


Then try run >> "..\My Project\My Project_package\bin\win_x64_release\GameLauncher.exe"



Log >>

Code: Select all

BackupNameAttachment=" Build(208) 15 Jun 18 (16 03 41)" -- used by backup system \n

Log Started at Fri Jun 15 16:03:41 2018
Built on Jun 4 2018 01:07:57
Running 64 bit Windows version
Command Line: "D:\MyProgs\My Project\My Project_package\bin\win_x64_release\GameLauncher.exe"
Executable: D:\MyProgs\My Project\My Project_package\bin\win_x64_release\GameLauncher.exe
Messagebox: cap: Engine initialization failed text:Attempting to start the engine without a project!
Please use a .cryproject file!

Messagebox: cap: Engine initialization failed! text:CrySystem initialization failed!

System Shutdown

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