Settings Missing/Inconsistent (Answered)

Sup people.

Having a bit of trouble with a few inconsistencies. I'll use the environment probe as an example. At first you had "Lua Properties", then it was renamed a couple of times (seems to be the "EnvironmentProbe Properties" now), and lost settings that lived underneath it. Then it regained what was lost, but lost other settings...and the circle continues with each update to the engine. And now (5.3), it's lost almost all of the original "Lua Properties" settings altogether. All of which I think are still needed and relevant.

Are they relocated?, cuz I can't find them. Have a picture of 5.0 (Left) and 5.3 (right). Figured I leave out the steps in between.

I've checked the documentation, and don't seen have yet to find anything regarding these changes.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Settings Missing/Inconsistent

I found the answer, and it's a strange one. It would seem that each update has a dependency to the last. Once I installed all versions of CryEngine (5.0-5.3) everything returned just fine. I'm surprised to learn that you can not install a stand alone of the latest version of CryEngine without things/settings missing.

In any case, hope this helps someone in the future.

Back to work!

Engine is awesome!

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