Character Tool 502 Errors

Hi, I've encountered a problem in the Character Tool when importing a Pre-made FBX character that is fully rigged, animated, textured, ect. The video I watched on Youtube demonstrated dragging the FBX file into the Character Tool where it is then converted to CBF and appears. Mine however shows nothing when I drag the file into the Character Tool and instead I am met with 502 errors. This happens to all the FBX files I have. I have no prior experience with any this and am going purely off of the videos and feedback others leave for me to learn from.

Am I missing any steps?

It is possible for me to download the files from their creators in Max, though I don't even have that software to begin with.
I'd like to import these characters for testing, so any feedback would be extremely helpful.

Re: Character Tool 502 Errors

The characters are required to be setup in a way CRYENGINE expects. Without knowledge of the structure of your character files there is no way to confirm this.
Can you show the hierarchy of your character model, and also any specific errors you see in the console output or editor.log file found in the engine root folder?
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