The Cryengine SDK? or.....?

Hello All

I have been trying to get back on track with Cryengine for a little bit now. I miss firing up the old Sandbox and floating above the water, making maps with the terrain editor. Now it seems every time I revisit it, I got more confused than the last.

I have the Cryengine launcher icon on my desk top. I start it and it seems like I have to jump from 3 different things. The launcher the editor and something else.

While exploring the Cryengine files, I noticed an executable named Cryengine SDK. I double clicked it. It took me to (kinda) what the old sandbox was! Why didn't the launcher just do this??

Should I create a short cut to Cryengine SDK instead of the launcher? For the time being all I want to do is create a 256X256 map with a beach, some grass, a couple palm trees and an AI guy who starts shooting at me!

Thanks for any input

Re: The Cryengine SDK? or.....?

I was Quite Surprised when I got the SDK working in CryEngine 5.4 Release.
I had read several forum posts that say it is being made redundant or no longer supported, etc.
This is how I arrived at a - I think - a fully working Game SDK.

1..Download - update the Launcher.
2..Download the Cryengine 5.4 Release
3..Run the InstallEngine.bat ( or right click the cryengine.cryengine file in the cryengine_5.4 directory.
4..Using the Launcher, go to Marketplace, and Full projects Assets - download the updated GameSDK Project.
5..Copy the GameSDK into your Projects folder (eg: c:\CryProjects\GameSDK )
--note in that GamesSDK folder you will then have a Bin folder and another Folder called GameSDK - which is the assets folder - and the .cryproject file )
6.. Start the Launcher and IMPORT a Project - point it to the GameSDK .cryproject
7..Either run the launcher and start the project or as I prefer - Just double click the Cryproject file.
this will start the project -- and as usual also run the Launcher.
NOTE make sure that you use a nice clean project - no other files from other projects - no other .dll in the bin etc.
I found that the Game SDK ran Just Like In the Good Old Days.
The Bald Man - Cryengine Player - all the Guns - He Jumps and Runs - F1 to get third person - F2 to move between spawn points F3 to fly/Ghost/Normal modes.
Boids work. Using older files that I copied in I even got the eagles to Flap their wings.
the only drawback was when you Hide the gun using - pressing 7 - The Baldy Guy still looks like a Gorilla running.

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