How do you add a Non Human NPC using Components or Schematyc

I have read in various CryEngine Documents that you can add an NPC with out the need of Programming.
I Know - and Have done in the Past - added a New Entity by including code in the GameFactory.cpp, then Rebuilt game.dll.
This is not what I am Trying to Do .
I want to ADD an NPC Entity by using Components.
I have placed an Empty Entity in the level and then added various Components - Advanced Animations, CharacterController, NavigationAgent
AI BehaviorTree and various others.
My Deer has appeared in the Level - and it just stands there.
I've changed various Behavior Trees, - no movement.
All Animations work fine in mannequin - and they worked fine in previous versions of the CryEngine.

I've set the deer up using a single animation with an AnimatedMesh component - it plays the animation on the spot, but thats all.
There does not appear to be any Tutorials nor Information on the net that applys to Adding a NPC by Components.
All I can find is how to add a Human - NPC and thats easy - its coded in as an Entity.
Can AnyOne Help me or Point me in the right direct of a Good Tutorial for adding a Component based NPC.
Can anyone advise whether this is even POSSIBLE at the present time
or am I jumping the gun and its actually IMPOSSIBLE at the moment.
Every thing appears to be there but something is missing or I cannot see how to do it.

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