Killing SDK Ai on re-spawn crashes the game

ok so i'm new to cryengine and i've bee trying to create a little level where the player has to escape an island using sdk, problems come after i export to engine, when the game loads up there the hud is black yet once i hit esc and pause then unpause, it goes away so that's not really much of a problem, or objects that i placed will be invisible but still there but when i export again they are there and some other ones may disappear, i know this is not the forum area for this but im just putting the information out there incase if it has anything to do with my actual problem. my problem is if i finish the level/die when i re spawn at the start all the enemies i killed will be T-posed and have their guns above there head, now if i shoot them, the game crashes. so any help will be appreciated

Re: Killing SDK Ai on re-spawn crashes the game

Hi SaviourStar,

Regarding the blacked out HUD, please verify your GameSDK installation/reinstall or redownload if necessary.
Regarding the AI on respawn, this is a known issue and are investigating this problem.

Regarding disappearing objects, can you try setting this CVar to 0?
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