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Roadmap shows: MFC Isolated in plugins. Does it mean that Editor will be released into github?
We do intend on releasing the editor source code. This won't necessarily be tied to a large update given it is strictly a legal matter at the moment.

Re: Editor github

Hi Crytek ,

I've already during this month and last month I announced that I want to develop my custom Schematyc but "9 error messages" I encounter strange in the CryEngine 5.3.0 !!
after develop my custom Schematyc , then I send my code to crytek , According to the official code and if approved my code by Crytek for schematyc, crytek can publish my code According to the official code in the CryEngine 5.4.x ... e-sdk.html

I compiled UE4 without problems with Visual Studio 2013 update 3

please Pay attention to this my request.


Re: Editor github

Any news on editor source code?, when compiling the cryengine source code i am getting :

Code: Select all

(msvs): source not found: '../EditorCommon/Serialization/QtImpl.h' in 'EditorAnimation' ('c:\\Users\\Username\\Documents\\Works\\Compiling\\CRYENGINE\\Code\\Sandbox\\Plugins\\EditorAnimation\\wscript')

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