An open Request to those with a knoweldge of CryEngine, Facial Rigging, and Facial Animation:

Dear CIG, The Star Citizen Community, and whomever else comes across this thread.

For the past two months, I've been learning the ins and outs of CryEngine. From retexturing the simplest of models to launching a full-scale animated series, I like to think I've made a dent in encyclopedia of all there is to CryEngine.

But, no matter what I learn, there's one thing that continues to hold me back:

Facial Animations.

A simple, key part of the visual experience, facial animations (be it expressions, lip sync, or any other sort) completely eludes me. Whether it's the lack of relevant and thorough documentation or just stout incompetence, I can't seem to pass this point.

I, at first, decided to cross the bridge when I came to it. This was fine. But, now I'm at that bridge, and holy hell does it have a lot of holes in it.

So I have to ask the following: Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

Does anyone have through knowledge of the rigging and facial animation process for CryEngine (and relevant assets)?

Would you be willing to share this knowledge in great detail with us?

I'm at the point where I strongly feel this is the biggest blocker for me (and perhaps for all other machinima artists in the SC community) and something, for whatever reason, I cannot seem to come to understand.

I feel this could skyrocket the quality of all future Star Citizen CryEngine content, leading to more meaningful and potent videos.

I would appreciate any support anyone could give on this matter.

Thank you,


That Guy Who Sold His Soul To CryTek
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