Where to start

Hey guys. please help me to get started with VR contents. I was looking for cryengine tutorials to make a simple VR but there was no tutorials on this. where can i get started? i have a little seen fine made with maya and imported to cryengine. so i need to make a walk though via a VR device. how to compile my seen as a VR and export to a mobile device as well? :(

Big help.

Thank you.

Re: Where to start

I was searching for CryEngine instructional exercises to make a basic VR yet there were no instructional exercises on this. where would I be able to begin? I have a little-seen fine made with Maya and imported to CryEngine. so I have to make a walkthrough by means of a VR gadget. how to aggregate my seen as a VR and fare to a cell phone too?

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