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Porting to other platforms will be in the form of Vulkan I assume, as it is the only cross-platform API other than OpenGL (which is outdated and can not perform a fraction of what Vulkan can because Vulkan is a much lower level API allowing things such as parallel tasking). Since AMD was the original innovator of Vulkan (which they called "Mantle" before literally giving it to The Khronos group who improved it and released it as Vulkan) Vulkan favors AMD hardware through cooperation with Khronos. Nvidia fought against the idea of adopting Vulkan despite its benefits and subsequently waited about 4 years to support it while AMD made sure their hardware was ready for the future of API technology.

With that said....Thank you Crytek for having the knowledge and wisdom to make sure Vulkan has been adopted by the CryEngine!

To my fellow developers, I wish you ALL great success in your CryEngine endeavors! Let's remind the world WHO makes the best 3D engine!

What other engine can do this in a day?
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