Re: lock aim

Can you provide some more detail such as what device you are using, engine version, project type (Template/GameSDK?).
What do you mean exactly when you say "vr mod"?
yes sure,
The device is the htc vive
The version is version 5.5.2
The project is GameSDK
Whenever I try to run a GameSDK in vr mode the run is all over the place.
I want to create an easy project that the gun will lock on my view point all the time.

Re: lock aim

Can you give some footage of what you mean?
If you want to stop the gun moving when walking etc, use the CVAR g_debugWeaponOffset = 0
This will not remove all bobbing though, you may need to edit the GameSDK source file such as "Code\GameSDK\GameDll\WeaponFPAiming.cpp".

Code: Select all

SetAnimWeight( animationWeight * stabilizeWeight ); // pass 0 here to remove all weighted effects
There are also some parts that are managed by the animation, such as idle animation, as well as other parts managed by other areas such as Ironsight Sway when using ADS.
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