Oculus Controllers and the defaultProfile.xml

Well I've purchased an Oculus Rift and all runs well.
Going into Cryengine using levels created by myself - in VR - is incredible. The depth perception of the terrain adds so much more Experience.
However, on first using the Oculus Touch Controllers in CryEngine - They did Absolutely Nothing.

Reading Documents from both CryEngine and Oculus websites, I finally came to the conclusion that I had to Build my own defaultProfile.xml.
So I got things working to a Minimal extent.
Some basic key functions appear not to work with the TRIGGERS - they work fine with the BUTTONS.
Attack1 (fire weapon) just wont respond when I set up the action map in defaultprofile to be:
<action name="attack1" onPress="1" onRelease="1" onHold="1" keyboard="mouse2" oculustouch="otouch_r1" /> Thats, the Index Trigger finger (naturally)

It is fine if I use oculustouch="otouch_b or a , x , y or even L3 and R3.
I've tried using many variants to no avail.
Can anyone please help me. I am Not a Programmer. My coding experience is virtually Zero.
Has CryEngine a file that can be use to make Full Use of the touch controllers ?? or is one Planned.
I've looked at and played Robinson the journey and even copied the default profile from there to Cryengine 5.5
To no avail, I guess some things a programmed in that I cant use.
At this stage i'm just wanting to get the Trigger Finger to fire the weapon.

Re: Oculus Controllers and the defaultProfile.xml

Hi there,

For debugging you can use the Oculus Flowgraph Nodes "VR:OculusController" and "VR:ControllerTracking" to get input from the Oculus controllers.
For the action maps, please take a look at this page:
https://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEPR ... culus+Rift

The action maps names are defined in this page, have you tried the other trigger names for index and default triggers?
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Re: Oculus Controllers and the defaultProfile.xml

Thanks for answering Cry-Flare,
Yes I have tried all the other Buttons and Triggers. All action seem to work fine on the Buttons and only some on the Triggers.
Stick triggers work Fine - L3 and R3.

Its L1 R1 L2 R2 that give me no responce to most commands.
I can get Respawn and First-Third person to work fine on these triggers.
Even walking works on L1 R1 - but it keeps walking even when releasing the Triggers.

I have used a Debug Flow Graph to send a Dynamic Response Signal from the Keyboard - that works Fine.
DebugFG.png (28.2 KiB) Viewed 9953 times
If I use a similar Debug with the VR: Oculus Controller - the message appears constantly on the screen
and doesnt allow any further Messages from other Keys.
deBug-oculus.png (14.85 KiB) Viewed 9953 times
I am not really fluent on Flow Graphs. and there are no Instructions for this type of VR Node -only information.
I would greatly appreciate it if the correct method could be shown to me.
I have read all the Information that I can find on Cryengine VR and Oculus .

Re: Oculus Controllers and the defaultProfile.xml

Thanks for the reply Alexander.

I copied your flow graph, but used the Oculus Controller instead of the open VR.

I get the Movement Forward and I get the Gun Fire working, but the actions will not stop.

The Gun Fires repeatedly until there is no ammo and the Character walks and will not stop until I
use the controller joystick to walk backwards then the forward motion is cancelled.

It seems as if there needs to be a Restriction placed upon the number of times the Trigger sends Impulses.
My Knowledge of Flow Graph is small.
Have you any suggestions.
Thanks, Peter.

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