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Before I begin let me first introduce myself.
My name is Dxslayer and the last time I logged into my old account was years ago (10/02/13 according to my old profile). I was involved in the modding community back when the url was "". I had some work for the first Crysis like my Muzzleflash shadows mod, African Characters, Custom weapon crates and Custom Skins. Anyway I'm not here to show off, but I would like to know if people still even make Mods for a game that's over 10 years old. I'm very familiar with the Sandbox 2 that Crytek provided from the first Crysis and I'm interesting in coming back to the community. I also did some modding for Crysis 2 but I never announced anything.

Now my questions are, do people still make mods for Crysis 1 or 2? What happened to the community downloads? I remember they moved the database when the url changed and then the downloads link was on the bottom of the page. The last thing I want to do is to create mods for Crysis 1 & 2 only for it be wasted effort.

Thank you for your time in reading this and answering my questions.
- Dxslayer

Re: Crysis Modding

The community downloads was removed a long time ago. They announced that back in the days. People now are more focused on developing games rather than modding them.

Besides i'd prefer to use CE5 over CE2 anyday :)

Think i remember you from the CryMOD days.

Re: Crysis Modding

Sorry for awakening this thread...

Have been searching all over the internet..

But did they seriously DELETE mods,maps ETC that people have spent HUNDREDS of hours creating?

I remember playing custom Mulitplayer maps.. Singleplayers maps etc for crysis 1 . And it was amazing.

Now when i was looking for them i could't find them.

Guess i found my answear here.

Praying for a Crysis 4 with mod support that can bring back that community experience that was in Crysis 1. Mesa <3

Re: Crysis Modding

It was announced a long time ago, people had plenty of time to download the things they wanted.

This site is dedicated towards development of CRYENGINE 5 games now.

If Crysis 4 was to happen (unlikely) i doubt they'll go down the mod path. Crytek has gone away from that now.

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