VR. Reality In a Reality

I thought try setoff little discussion on the subject of VR.

Is it really the way forward in gaming Now in 2017,

Switch into another reality which will does enhance the gamers emersion into the game, wow, Cool, But then now in VR, your own space reality, put into the illusion, which is great on the one side,

increasingly 2017 the world Our Space our reality is a place we need to stay in not escape from, because if VR is, when technology $ decreases in the future, large populations or if it perhaps evoloved into a 'Household name' If, in future VR is used waay more than it is now., The consequence would then be, the gamers now blind from outside influences, both socially,, and Enviromentaly ignorent over time would they become and I say that in terms of the VR gamers [If it was in time widely utilizied in all aspects of daily live], and the worst case scenario is they suffacate or vaporized> effects of the Enviromental changes and Social changes.

Wadaya think comrades?

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Re: VR. ?

People like new tech and will see whats it all about.
when large studios start to create large games with it then things could get interesting.
But am not bothered in VR.
But in fairness i cant sit down and have a game blast of about 2-4hrs with VR as its just doesn't work. 20mins for me at tops but even thats pushing it.
What was the old saying, dont sit too close to the TV you'll get square eyes.

Re: VR. ?

20 mins gameplay per?day? i'm talking about how VR will if it sparks into accelerated implementation thoughout society In time, render us blind to the real world. And i'm no philosipher but, This technology could be, evolutionary stupidity (talking about in perhaps 50 years or less).

VR may become most efficent way tointeract just about anything, and this be its growth, because it wil be useful asf - meanwhile the global elite ectc push this technology forward, as means distract the population more so.

Assimilated Reality's

Re: VR. Reality In a Reality

yes 20mins with vr not daily no way, my friend owns one.
render us blind to the real world isn't this already happening though with ipads and console, people spend more time indoors and come even more lazy.

This tech would be more used in films and other test to help people.
I saw on TV awhile ago someone wants to use the VR headset to help a blind person see as their eyes are bad and cant work with.

Simulation is going to be a huge one for this tech

Give it 20 years then we see.

Re: VR. Reality In a Reality

The talk of dystopian futures where people are enslaved to machines, there are too many activist groups to allow that to happen xD. What will most likely happen imo is we will turn into a completely open society, where a stranger will know what brand of sugar you had in your coffee that morning.

Cant justify the entry cost for any of the games i've seen so far, perhaps when the market matures a little.
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