Introduction - My skills, plans and how I can help

Hi guys,
My name is Andrej, I'd like to join this community, introduce myself, and let you guys know what I am planning to do and where I can help you out.

My skills:
- I'm a C# developer, did a few games & apps: ESPIONAG3 (, CARTONEROS (, boARd 3D ( and most recently FIGURAMA (
- I'm a 3D artist, currently creating 3D comics for the FIGURAMA platform that I created (above)
- I own a full body 3D scanning studio and a motion capture system (OptiTrack 8 cameras, 4x4x3 meter volume for 1 actor) and can operate it and export data to MotionBuilder and from there to other formats.
- I have 4 kids (which I hope will join my team in several years, I'm still trying to identify their talents and give them proper education :)

My plan with CryEngine:
Since CE is very suitable for open world games, I am planning to use it on a multiplayer game in the spirit of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, or Arma, but in small scale and focus on urban environment. It is something I had in mind for a long time, I always wanted to play around with CE, and now that it is C# enabled I see no reason why not to start learning and prototyping the idea. This will be a personal learning project, where I can try out my character pipeline, and I want to use in a local LAN setup only in private events, so doesn't need to be polished much for now. I think something I can realistically achieve. I have experience with networking using Unity with and without Photon Engine, so I will just have to learn the way to do things in CE. I know there will be a lot to learn and I know that I could do this in Unity in a fraction of the time (since I use it for 10 years), but I just like to learn something new and see what I can do with it.

How I can help:
- I am open to help you guys with any custom animations you might need for your projects using my MoCap system. I really hate generic animations and most of the stuff you can get is really limited. This way I hope that I can help the CryEngine community.
- I will be documenting my learning and prototyping process with CE and the game concept that i failed to describe above, and share with you guys, in exchange for a bit of guidance in case I get lost :)

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