Re: [QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

I've been looking at all five of these books. Are they even relevant anymore? Some of the reviews on Amazon say they were out dated years ago and that sample files the books work with are no longer available on the marketplace.

Does anyone know if CRYENGINE V books are coming soon? I would love to see some full Udemy courses too.

Re: [QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

I don't want to demoralize but, in my experience, cryengine (or any other famous engines you have heard) isn't a good place to start game programming. I suggest you start by making small games using sdl or allegro and when you have a better understanding of game programming, come back here (don't worry you will be back! :)).

any suggestion for development tools support SDI or Allegro?

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