[QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

Hello. I'm a complete beginner at game development, programming :oops: . I never learnt any game engines or programming languages before.
I've decided to learn CryEngine 5. But the problem is i dont know where to start. There are no proper courses on udemy. The intro course on pluralsight is about Cryengine 3 not 5.
Can someone explain in depth about where and how to start learning CryEngine5? Thank you in advance :roll:

Re: [QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

I don't want to demoralize but, in my experience, cryengine (or any other famous engines you have heard) isn't a good place to start game programming. I suggest you start by making small games using sdl or allegro and when you have a better understanding of game programming, come back here (don't worry you will be back! :)).
Thanks for the suggestion

Re: [QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

api still the same .
API is still the same.. ok but how does that benefit me? i mean what does is really mean to me?
Please say whether the statement below is TRUE or FALSE.
If the API is the same, then there wont be much difference between CE3 and CE5 interface, workflow. And i wont face any problem when trying to get used to CE5 after learning CE from CE3 based book and tutorials.

Re: [QUES] How to learn CryENGINE 5 ? (beginner)

It means that there is some change to the API, but the vast amount of it is the same. You can learn from earlier pieces of code, and much of the UI from 3.5.x, but you may need to adpat some code - or may find the UI works differently to the screenshots from old books and videos.

The 'LEARN' menu on the top of the website will take you to tutorials and the documentation, which you should spend time studying before you even think of starting a project. The videos are also available on YouTube where there is about 150 of them covering tons of diverse topics.

If you want to program a game, at present you will really need very good C++ skills. There is support for C#, but it still needs more work, and that is coming soon I believe.

Improvements to Schematyc in release 5.4 (expected within a month or so) will make it a lot easier to prototype or potentially even finish some types of games without code. Improvements to the plugin system and entities will do the same for programmers who want to create and publish sections of code for sale or sharing.

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