RECRUITING - Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi Game!

We are recruiting people for our team to create a game called AfterMars (game name may not be final).

Game Description:
AfterMars is a post-apocalyptic survival game set on Mars in 2167.
A life extending drug was sabotaged, making everyone with a positive Rhesus Factor go insane.
The remaining 15% of the population is left to die unless they find a way to leave the planet and you are one of them.

Our team currently consists of six people.
We are looking for people that have skills in the following areas:
-3D modeling
-2D Art
-Working in Unreal Engine 4

For more information, check out (some of the story is outdated) or ask me questions on this forum.

If you feel that you can contribute to making this game into a reality, feel free to contact me at:

Development Plan:
We are working on a playable demo of the game. When complete, we will release it to the public alongside a Kickstarter campaign. This would be done without any of the team members getting paid.
If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will put together a bigger team and make the full game. Then everyone on the team would get paid (using the Kickstarter money).
We would then release the game on steam early access for 10-30 euros/dollars. Everyone in the team would get some royalty from the money we make on the game.

I hope that you find this concept interesting.

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