Temporal AA Lumberyard

Beauty! In general, Amazon is integrated into the engine, just what should be in the engine by default. In the last update added the ability to play video in the engine, now working on a quality anti-aliasing. Such things that just need to be in the engine, but in Cryengine they are not

Re: Temporal AA Lumberyard

r_AntiAliasingMode = 3 has had Temporal AA for some time now. It's SMAA t2x with Temporal AA. This came back in EaaS. Probably where Amazon got the code from. Perhaps they improved it :)

Problem is the guy who worked on AA at Crytek quit some time ago. Tiago i think his name was.

Re: Temporal AA Lumberyard

I forgot that Lumberyard now has ability to play video in the engine.
That's a huge plus imho.
I know right and were still after it, got to put up with .swf and .gfx
Sorry to hijack but are you guys more interested in cinematic fullscreen video (2d) or in game texture based video (3d)?
For me it has to be both.
But i would use any which came first

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