Re: need cryengine 2 for entropia universe

Sigh don't call people noobs. You come here with a Question wich isn't related to CryEngine 5/V at all in anyway. and you expect us to give you a link where you can download the engine? even tho its available via buying Crysis 1 on origin. So before saying he did help you, he did help you and he did gave you the only legit option available, wich is Buy Crysis 1 and you will get the sandbox editor for cryengine 2.

If you still don't understand that or not understanding why this belongs in off-topic then i suggest you remove yourself from the internet and find a new hobby.

Re: need cryengine 2 for entropia universe

You don't need Cryengine 2 to mod entropia universe you need a SDK (Source Development kit) and that only the Entropia developers can give you. Even if Crytek add the cryengine 2 available to license you would not be able to mod Entropia with it, is not only technically impossible but also, if i'm not mistaken, against the Entropia Universe EULA and the Cryengine 2 EULA.

Btw I don't agree Cryengine 2 is outdated, it is still able to do some of the best graphics around.

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