Unofficial CRYENGINE Showcase 2017

Hi guys. I made a showcase which features games and films realised with Cryengine (and yess The Lord Inquisitor isn´t made in the game-Cryengine but in cinebox/ filmengine; but as this isn´t available separately I thought I could include this awesome cinematic). I was sad that Crytek didn´t publsh a showcase themselves during GDC but I saw this as a chance to dig into video editing (It´s the first video I actually edited so have mercy on me if something isn´t 100% good). The showcase is completely made in Photoshop.
Also I want to mention some games I couldn´t include because of the lack of time (in the video; it would be simply too long) or real gameplay footage. Resonance games RPG project, Core Elements, SNOW (which I wanted to include but forgot it :roll: ), Uayeb, MaxControll, Collison Course and some more.


Re: Unofficial CRYENGINE Showcase 2017

sghirate wrote:That looks really good - especially for a 'first time edit' video!

Also some games I haven't heard before (like Deceit and Uayeb) that look quite interesting.

Keep up the good work (and you could always make another video with the games that didn't make it into this one ;-))

Thanks! Sadly I´m not going to make another video (or at least not yet) because I want to focus on my Cryengine project (vCloth 2.00 yeah!) and soon I´m going to do my Abitur (final exams in germany) so I won´t have much time :(

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