Feature Flag in Software Development

Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am in final year of my engineering, and now after some weeks interview is going to be start, therefore for project submission we are creating a software application. We are facing some problems in development phase which we are trying to debug. I also heard about the term Feature Flag which can help in software development. I have little bit confusion about it that we can use it or how it can help in Software Development.
Can anyone give their suggestions on this, would be a great support.

Re: Feature Flag in Software Development

Hi Palak
Well Feature Flags are important tools as well as process to do software testing. We can understand Feature Flag by given below bullets.

1. Feature Toggle is also known as Feature Flag.
2. In Software Development process Feature Flag is a process as well as technique that allows code to be turn On or turn Off without deploying code.
3. In general Feature Toggle is a testing process in software development phase which is used to enable as well as disable functionality remotely without deploying any code.
4. Feature flags or toggle is a software engineering technique that turns select functionality on and off during runtime, without deploying new code
5. In other language we can say that when a developer is going to develop any software then the process which is used to enable or disable functionality remotely without deploying code is called Features Flag or Feature Toggle.
6. Various feature toggles as well as flags are uses during Software Testing process, A feature flag whose job is complete should be removed.
7. In most simple way we can say feature toggles as well as feature flags are on/off switches that allow us to dynamically enable and disable some parts as well as some functions of a system. Even during its execution time.
8. Feature toggles is a technique as well as a process to facilitate dark launches by implementing toggles in the code, which enables switching between old and new functionality.
9. While testing the new feature with a feature toggle, the toggle needs to be tested as well as the feature itself.
10. In simple word Feature Toggle is like a On-Off switch used for changing the state of system functionalities and preferences.
11. As an alternative to configuration files, feature flags can be stored in some sort of database and this method is known as alternative storage method. It is a convenient place to store your settings and they can often be easily updated.

Well I think above points will clear basic concept about Feature Flag. I had also seen an article over internet where detailed information about Feature Flag is published, you can also see it by clicking over below link.



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