CryEngine Getting DXGI HUNG Issue

I can't play for over 30 seconds without the game absolutely securing with a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG mistake. I adhered to these guidelines in endeavor to fix the issue without any result.

Windows 10 and my designs drivers (Nvidia RTX 2080-Max Q) are completely forward-thinking. I've uninstalled/re-introduced Wolcen.

Is it true that anyone is else running into this issue?

Re: CryEngine Getting DXGI HUNG Issue

/Moved to off-topic as it relates to a third-party game rather than CRYENGINE itself.

I can only recommend to update all drivers, windows and the game if possible. If the problem persists, perhaps rule-out hardware issues by trying a different graphics card if possible.
Aside from this, I would contact Wolcen support for more troubleshooting steps. This is the CRYENGINE Official forum and we cannot provide support for third-party games developed using the engine.
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