Problems with edited maps in Crysis 1 for PC

Hi Im user from the times of Crydev and Crymod web pages . I have edited the original map of Crysis 1 for PC and I have a back up of them . I uninstall the game in 2018 and I deleted
the hard disk because of problem of hardware of my computer . Now june of 2020 my old computer is functional again ( windows XP but no internet ) . I installed Crysis 1 and I pasted my edited map I place the custom skin , weapon, sounds , ghillie grunt , many things in game folder .
I play the first level and the turrent I placed years ago are gone. I go to the sandbox 2 into the level and the turrent are not there .
The message is failed to load item library :game / libs / entityarchetypes / groundturrentshortisland2.xml

Well I placed another ones , export engine , save But it doesnt save .
Help please
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