Re: Modding part throwed to the trashbin ?

Time to move on not make multiple threads complaining about a company change that happend years ago ;)
Complaining ? nothing to do with complaing, ppl should really stop with that obsession of "if not agree" you necessary whine - complain" That's incredible to have a that narrow understanding.

1- modding - "game creation" / engine usage for [whatever] dont have the same purpose / public, so i stil dont see why throw one away
2- there is still some moddable game that proove, if correctly made it can produce a lot interesting thing ( so quite huge publicity, and imho way more than the one created by the standalone CE )
3- the CE except for very very rare games never really was used for "indie" games, in the past few years, i only saw : 3D rendering / scenery screenshot, CE usage to toy with tech, somes project dream
so far i know only miscreated - Umbra - Kingdom Come - went somewhere, and somes other like Ghost of a Tale just gave up on CE. Not sure if you can count state of decay as indie game, but they still gave up on CE for state of decay 2 tho
And sure, that's still nice

Even for "AAA" game, except Prey... And maybe some "asian mmo" we will certainly never heard about.. i mean... yeah...

But do it worth the trade off of throwing away a modding scene that can be very productive / create a lot of publicity ( guess for the ppl that was there, Crysis - Wars modding was very productive and alive ) I'am not really sure.
+ I dont think developping a modding tool that will most likely not evolve like the current CE is that much to loose compare to the "benefit" otherwise all others devs / company would certainly not bother & steam wouldnt start to play his greedy #ss thinking about paying mod to steal somes money in the process

So yeah its still too bad to have gave up on a modding scene that still was very active ( even tho crytek started to kill it with crysis2 )
I wouldnt have any particular reflection if the CE was successfull - bringing the same kind of huge support to have ppl learn like Unity / UE, but its just not the case.

I dont say that to bash, or be be mean nor to mean its a bad thing to have a CE version for indie ( its indeed nice for ppl that care about that engine )

Re: Modding part throwed to the trashbin ?

Technically the ability to mod a game should be solely in the hands of the developers. The game creatora should decide what and how why you can mod their game.

Modding support is down to individual developers. It is very possible to add multiple levels of modding capability for models anims game logic maps etc.
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Re: Modding part throwed to the trashbin ?

We appreciate each and all creative efforts with CRYENGINE past, present and future. The modding community goes way back and the CRYENGINE Team has a lot of fond memories of the times. But at some point, we as a company have to make choices and support our product and the community to move forward. That decision has been made and an overwhelming part of the community feedback has been positive about this, so we strongly believe it is the right decision.

There are still modding community boards out there, which are open for new members, which is good, but we want to focus on building and supporting an active and avid community around CRYENGINE V to make sure our product inspires and excels. I can only recommend you try it if you haven't yet and I am sure you'll be surprised. CE5 has become way more accessible and especially members of the modding community should have a profound base knowledge that will help them get up to speed in no time - enabling you to build even greater things with the power of CRYENGINE.
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