Problem with "spawn-Point intersection"


First I'm from Germany and my english is not the best...

But I have a Problem with Cryengine 1.6.2 (yes it is old but we have to use it on work). When I start the Game in Editor everything works good. But when I stop it i get some errors (See belog) and I don't know why... These errors only show when I press a Button to spawn. When I don't spawn the error is only sometimes shown.

I've only set some TagPoints to "BeamEntity" (me) and thats it. Now I've set the height up to 51 so I'm falling down when spawn but the error is still there...

Anyone there who can help me? :-(

The Error:

!Designer Warning

Player 'Client_Shooter' (Blabla) can't change stance from -1 'Null' to 0 'Stand' (tried and failed for 200 consecutive frames). Possibly a spawn-point intersection with level geometry?

I can't do a Screenshot because those work-PCs don't have USB and/or Internet....

Thank you!

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