Crysis 1 Multiplayer Online on servers.

Crysis 1 multiplayer is working on master server emulator and has been working for some time now. The original game directed players to the Gamespy master server which is no longer working. So to fix this, you will need to direct your connection for multiplayer to the openspy master emulator. How can this be done? Simple.

(1) You will need to down load the Crynetwork.dll from this website: ... nloadsform

(2) You will need to open the game and find the path or location of the original crynetwork.dll.
Mine is located here: D:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32.

(3) Find the Crynetwork.dll and replace it with the one that you just downloaded from
This will redirect your game from the old Gamespy server to the new Openspy master server.

(4) So now you can launch the game, create an openspy game account just like back in day when Gamespy was working. I have Crysis on DvD. I don't have the steam version so their may be small differences in the location of the Crynetwork.dll.

NOTE AMD users: If you are using an AMD cpu, you will need to run the game as an administrator and set compatibility mode to Win Vista sp2 and launch it from the 64 bit mode.
Once you have installed the Crynetwork.dll for openspy, you should be able to play the game or host your own server on your pc just like back in the day. Currently there are multiplayer servers hosted on Openspy. I hope this information was useful.

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