Problem - CryEngine Error Memory allocation

Hi everybody,
I reinstalled steam yesterday in an attempt to fix an issue with the steam client, which uninstalled my steam games. So I installed Evolve and started it up, as usual, but upon getting to the main menu the game crashes with the error.

“CryEngine Error” “*** Memory allocation for 4185240799 bytes failed ****, LevelHeapActive: no, Alignment:0”

However the game will not crash if I unplug my ethernet cable forcing the game into offline mode, allowing me to enter the options menu and little else. If I instead bog my internet down with downloads/streams, it still crashes but takes significantly longer to do so, allowing me to claim my login reward.

I have verified my cache on steam but it finds nothing wrong, if anyone has any idea as to what could be causing this, please do tell. The game used to run perfectly fine prior to the reinstall. I have 8GB of RAM a R7 370 graphics card and a fx-6350 CPU. EDIT: Forgot to mention, running on Windows 10.
Thanks so much!

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