Re: Imma make a 2d game on cryengine. Is it a good idea?

CRYENGINE is designed for 3D games but if you want to do 2D games you could for example use 3d Planes with textures or take advantage of the Scaleform UI implementation.
Things like collision would need to be handled differently though as the Physics system is designed for 3d environments and interactions.

It really depends on what type of 2d game you are looking to make.
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Re: Imma make a 2d game on cryengine. Is it a good idea?

I want to make a game. A 2d game. On this engine. Should I do it?
IMO no, i don't understand why people take engines like UE4, Cryengine and Unity to make 2D games, and i don't mean making a 3D game behave in 2D, that is a valid use of those engines, what I mean is that some take them and make games like Braid! You are just complicating your life, those are optimized to do 3D games use them for that.
There's plenty of 2D focused engines out there but almost no one uses them, for example Godot engine, GameMaker Studio 2, VISIONAIRE STUDIO, etc.

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