cryengine 2 - trigger reeinforcement spot animation 'flare' [SOLVED}

Does anyone know how I can trigger the flare animation that gets played when an AI uses a reeinforcement spot? I need this for a trackview sequence and alerting the AI like it happens ingame is not an option ...
Maybe I can locate the animation and play it via flowgraph? Thank you for any pointers to achieve this.
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Re: cryengine 2 - trigger reeinforcement spot animation 'flare'

Let me rephrase this:

I have an AIdude (grunt) and a reinforcement spot (type "flare") next to each other on the beach.
If I drop in (gamemode) and approach the AIdude, he runs to the reinforcement spot and fires a flare (because I alerted him)

How do I send the alert signal via flowgraph to make the AIdude fire the flare all by himself at GameStart?
I have tried AIexecute, useObject and the setup in Rescue where the particle effect lies on the ground next to a light entity and a tag-point above them where
the light entity is fed the particle effect into the 'start' connector and then ordered to 'move' to the tagpoint - I copied all exactly but it won't work linking it to a start node ...
I am just not smart enough - somebody help me out here

If you know the answer - consider carefully before posting since I will be asking you tons of things during 2019 - just saying
Thank you

Re: cryengine 2 - trigger reeinforcement spot animation 'flare'

I copied the setup from the rescue level - particle effect explosions.flare.mid_night and light entity plus tag point above where the flare is supposed to go.
then a flowgraph that connects start node > particle effect > movement
movement node has the tag point as destination and light entity as owner
speed is around 50 and it looks really nice
what tripped me up was NOT using the archetype particle effect - I think - after using the one from database view it started working - typical for a noob like me

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